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New publication – Second Decade of the Avadānaśataka

I am pleased to note that my translation of Avadānaśataka stories 11-20 has just been published in the peer-reviewed open-access online journal Asian Literature and Translation. The ten stories relate episodes in the past lives of the Buddha – jātaka … Continue reading

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Ramayana vs Mahabharata

This week is Epics week in my Religions of South Asia course. So yesterday I talked about the Mahabharata and today I talked about the Ramayana. Summarising an epic and exploring the issues that arise from it in 50 minutes … Continue reading

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One hundred people in Edinburgh like Jatakas!

I just heard that the jataka storytelling event that I have arranged at the Scottish Storytelling Centre for later this month has sold out (if one can say such a thing about free tickets). We already had to move it … Continue reading

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