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The friendship of elephants and dogs

In my project to tweet all of the jātakas in turn I have reached number 27: JA27 State elephant is good friends with dog, and when dog taken away he refuses to eat. Minister (=Buddha) understands and gets dog back. … Continue reading

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Karma the Ghost and Jain Karma Theory

I have been teaching Jain karma theory this week and it reminded me to look up this little animated film I came across years ago: It is a thought-provoking representation of karma as little ghost-like figures who literally cling to … Continue reading

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The fourth decade of the Avadānaśataka

I am pleased to announce the publication of my translation of stories 31-40 of the Avadānaśataka, in the journal Asian Literature and Translation. I published stories 11-20 last year in the same journal. This now means that all of the … Continue reading

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