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Digital scroll of the Vessantara Jataka

Following my post yesterday, about a digitised scroll of the Mahābhārata, Leedom Lefferts got in touch to share a link to a digitised scroll of the Vessantara Jātaka! It is a rather different – even more magical – experience, since … Continue reading

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New project: Jatakas in Indian texts and art

As I sit at home watching the snow build up outside the window (the university is closed for a second day running due to the weather) I am musing about my new research project, an exploration of the uses of … Continue reading

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The Jātakas of the Mahāvastu

In the spirit of my last post, I’d like to share my research notes on the many jātaka stories found in the Mahāvastu. These fall into several categories, with some told as part of explanations of the career of a/the … Continue reading

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Summarising Jātaka Stories

I have been thinking a lot recently about the art of summarising stories. There are four reasons this is on my mind: – I finally reached number 100 on my mission to tweet all 547 stories of the Jātakatthavaṇṇanā. It … Continue reading

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Vessantara Jataka

Having recently submitted my own book to the publisher, I have been enjoying working through a backlog of reading other people’s! I particularly enjoyed devouring Steven Collins’ edited volume Readings of the Vessantara Jātaka, which came out with Columbia University … Continue reading

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Stories for school teaching

In the last few weeks I have been working particularly hard on a project with school teachers. A colleague – Alison Jack, a specialist in Christian parables – and I have been creating resources for school teachers that are based … Continue reading

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Victoria Wood teaches us about reincarnation

Yesterday it was announced that Victoria Wood, one of my favourite comedians, had passed away. I would like to pay her a little tribute by sharing the actually really quite scholarly thoughts provoked by listening to one of her songs, … Continue reading

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