Every now and then I hear about a fantastic online resource, and then usually forget it. I might bookmark it on one computer, but fail to transfer it over to the other. With digitisation continuing apace, what I really need is one list of all my favourite sites. I have decided to compile it here.

Southeast Asian Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Images and essays on the images, by Prof. Robert Brown.

An impressive gallery of images from various sites, most recently Kanhanhalli, from art historian Christian Luczanits.

Southeast Asia Library Group

Blog containing a wealth of postings and images about Southeast Asian manuscript holdings and related information, largely coming from Jana Igunma of the British Library.


Scholarly articles and general information about Jainism alongside fabulous manuscript and other images taken from the collections of British libraries.


A clever little tool for researching Indian philosophical texts, brimming with texts, translations and glosses on some key works, especially from the Mahayana traditions.

The Huntington archive

Photographs of art and architecture from all over Asia, with a particular focus on Buddhist art, shared by John and Susan Huntington.

Brockington resource on Rama narratives

An impressive set of resources – texts and images, and extensive bibliographies – about the development and spread of the Rāma narrative, compliled by John and Mary Brockington.

A new blog showcasing the Laotian epic story of the hero Sinxay who rescues his aunt from a demon.

Building Buddhism

A blog about an English Heritage funded research project documenting Buddhist buildings in England.

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