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Repetition, Restatement, Reiteration and Redundancy

In recent weeks I have been translating the second decade of the Avadānaśataka, a collection of one hundred Buddhist narratives about past and future lives. The second decade consists of jātaka stories, stories about the past lives of the Buddha, … Continue reading

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The female ordination debate(s)

One of the dominant news stories this week in the UK is the vote on whether or not to allow women bishops in the Church of England. Although the majority of church members – bishops, clergy and lay – voted … Continue reading

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More on translating scatological language…

Following on from my dilemma about how to translate the terms referring to hermitage toilets, I have just been reading Andrew Skilton’s ‘Lost in Translation: Reflections on Translating Scatological Language in Buddhist Literature’ in the journal Contemporary Buddhism. (It can … Continue reading

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Buddhist light bulb jokes

I couldn’t resist reproducing these here, taken from the Santipada website via Sujato’s blog: How many monks does it take to change a light bulb? They can’t. There’s no light bulbs in the Vinaya. How many vipas­sana med­it­at­ors does it take … Continue reading

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Religion and sea travel

Yesterday’s Religious Studies Seminar here in New College was given by Henrietta Nyamnjoh, a PhD Candidate at the University of Leiden, on the role of religious advisors in Senegalese boat migration. It was a fascinating talk, exploring how the fear … Continue reading

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